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The interpretation of daily life is transposed into objects within the use of simple materials and transformations that allow a constant and reversible transformation from sheets into products. The creative visions of each designer are rendered with sheets of plastic or cardboard that takes their shape, solidity and presence with special folding and cutting techniques. The result is the production of foldable and inflatable objects with a poetic vocation, a special care for details and functionality.



Daniela Maurer

is a letters / postcards / memorandum wall holder made of a sheet of polypropylene. Exploiting the elastic properties of the material, holes are created with the intent to embed sheets and letters. More "Asola" may be related to one another in response to needs for greater capacity.



Plastic bags box. Often the plastic bags are placed in special containers or drawers all together. Whenever you're looking for a plastic bag, you have to pull out all the bags! Here is an item that enhance usability by allowing you to store the envelopes by dividing size: larger container for large envelopes, envelopes medium container medium, small container for small envelopes. This makes intuitive and easy to find the right bag for the right content, speeding the process. The object is a cluster with three containers of different sizes made by cut and fold of a sheet of PP. They are held together by a cord that makes it easy hanging anywhere in the home and office (in the mobile shutter, door oven mitts, nail on the wall).



DesignAmaro is working on observation of natural phenomenon. Eos is a lamp that is focusing on phenomenon of luminous rays filtered by plants such as in nature happen. Such as a still image, itís able to evoke in all that experience. Very far from a lamp look, Eos have a nice relation with light. It is confirmed from its capacity to be firstly an installation before and secondly a product. Infact, its environmental effect is a fundamental characteristic that give it a winning energy while it is working. The variable dimensions that go from a minimum to a maximum of 30cmx60cm giving it a scrub look. On top of that it is possible to increase the final effect putting more pieces ajar.



Itís a gardening home kit composed of 4 elements separately selling.

Serravaso Itís a little balcony/terrace greenhouse available in different sizes; inside it thereís the best environment for the plants growth, protected by cold, rain and hail. The greenhouse will be opened in the hottest day and when the plants will be grown enough, you can use a largest vase. A simple element adapted for people not so good in green activity too.

Invaso Itís an object available to support climbing plants. In first phase of their growth. Itís a paper of PP punched and folded up, colored or transparent, useful and beautiful to see.

Travaso Itís a ďleafĒ of PP which serves for effecting decant in optional way. The floor is preserved and, in few gestures, all land leaked during the decant operation is recovered. The two scraps on the sides make easy the taking and the use of the object.

TrifoglioItís a modular system of support for climbing plants and some of it cane be assembled together to cover outside and inside walls. Itís anchored to the wall fixing the forms through spacers. The forms can be transparent or in the desired coloration.


Sebastiano Conti Gallenti e Vittorio Venezia

Every morning I try something in my closet: a dress, a mask, sometimes just an object that can describe the day as a special day. Every morning I think that my wardrobe is much inhospitable, it responds to a few functions and I never find what I seek: the transparent tie that gave me a new year, my Zorro mask, shark skin gloves and the old cotton scarf bought in Transylvania. Every morning my closet looks at me. Every morning I would wear a fancy dress to go to work, only to see the faces of colleagues, but I've never had the courage. Every morning I think that my objects can interfere with my thoughts, change a choice and maybe change something more unstable: the mood. Every morning I wake up and I would wear my superhero costume

Hanger System, the only system of hanger in PP that can respond to every need of your closet.


Daria Casciani e Antonio Aricò

Simple system for safe bikers.

Inspired by the records of childhood and the poetry of simple things, these leaves, derived by cutting coloured sheets of PP, are inserted in between the rays of the bicycle, resembling leaves felt down during autumn. Riding on a bike pedal, these little objects simulate the continuous noise of a motorbike or the sound of leaves whishing by the wind. This guarantees a continuous sound effect companion while bicycling into the urban traffic.


Daria Casciani e Antonio Aricò

Series of domestic containers with a highly iconic shape, thought for little and big objects, often lost in the house and, once found, with not a special location where they can temporary be kept waiting for their real location: buttons, coins, keys, papers, notes, documents, in other words little chaotic knich-knacks of daily life. Hang to every kind of domestic protuberance, such as doors or windowsí handles, drawersí knobs, prominence of tables and chairs, these lost&found containers collect, without hiding, little daily objects, like modern bags in whose fold and wrinkle is allowed to search, find things and orient yourself into the house.



Family of inflatable bottle caps. Represent the heads of three characters, a girl, a rabbit and an alien. The caps on the bottles become heads with their bodies. The colors emphasize the character.


Chiara Moreschi

POULE UP is a modular decoration system made in PP. The distinctive feature of the project, in comparison to other decoration systems on the market, is the three-dimensional aspect of the shape which is obtained from a simple sheet of material. Every module is made of a single sheet opportunely cut, folded and connected on itself: in this way it doesnít occupy too much space and can be easily stored and packed.

It is the user then, that has to press on the edges of the module to pop it up, giving it a volume and a material appearance. The modules can be endlessly connected each other thanks to a little connection and formally recalls the ďpied de pouleĒ tissue.