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Once upon a time...the project Daily-review. There is a journey of different experiences and common everyday life; the is a strong will to change the grey scale of Milan in a fresher colour with the collaboration of a “group of young designers”. Daria and Francesca decided to start this new experience together. Through their eyes, Daily-review becomes a container of little daily objects but also, and above all, a snapshot of a common experience. Thanks to a series of lucky meetings with different designers, they tried to give another perspective to the design interpretation.

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Lightness and functionality, elegance and poetry of daily living: these are the main aspects of the collection DAILY-REVIEW, a critical observatory on the post-modernity. All the presented projects reflect the inner soul of the home, showing the little and insignificant problems of our routine, focusing on unconscious actions, little gestures, little-known rituals and becoming functional objects with a poetical and emotional spirit. Products for everyday life, proposed by a group of young Italian designers that reinterpret the daily routine. Communicative and passionate, simple but not banal, these objects take advantage from the ability to manipulate materials in order to express their characteristics and personality; sensible hybrids in between the aesthetical and poetical matter and the real common utility. Presented to be seen, understood, and touched during the Design Week 2010.